We have come up with this offer called ``combo”, in which basically you can collectively choose those products which are of maximum help and benefit for you. These are 100% bio products i.e they are environment friendly and biodegradable. The materials used range from paper to bamboo, Areca, Clamshell, you choose any color that you want either from which we have or even customize the colour, shape and thickness of the product.The volume available for each product differs. You can even print any design of your choice whether it's your company's logo or your eateries. These “combo” products are as follows- Cups and Glass Combo, Single Meal Combo, Full Meal Combo, Party and Wedding Set Combo and Bakery Products Combo. Each combo has its own uniqueness, it helps you in saving your time. Instead of looking for single products one-by-one, you can just click on the combo option according to your choice, the items present in the combo are also made in such a manner, which is ideal. Hence choosing from combo not only saves time but also energy, these cost-friendly products will make your experience of shopping online even more happier.These products are the best replacement for plastic.

Cups and Glass Combos

Packaging includes many products and each product holds its own specific role. If you are looking for cups and glasses for your new beverage stall/shop and are also looking for products that are not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable and environment friendly, your search for such packaging ends here. WE have a range of products that go from ripple glass, single walled glass, double walled glass and bagasse cups.The material of these cups ranges from paper to bagasse, the glasses are sturdy and the materials used are unique.They are available in various colors, if you have any color choice or customization idea regarding the thickness or size we can help you with that .You can even print any logo of any size,color and design that you want or you’re company’s or eateries name on it.The volume capacity for these cups varies according the cup type .The Ripple glass, Double wall glass and Bagasse glass is available in Volume size 240 ml- 450ml. Single wall glass is available in the volume size of 110 ml - 180 ml.

Single Meal Combos

Selling single food meals? Worry no more because now there is an easy option of using packaging which not only is eco-friendly but also easily decomposable. .There are five combos which include Single paper box, Cornstarch clamshell box, Bamboo clamshell box, Bagasse clamshell box and Areca bowl with lid.These combos hold those items according to your preference.The materials include paper, bamboo, areca and clamshell.The thickness of the product is up to 400 GSM. The volume of these products for the containers ranges from 250ml-1000ml.The cutlery provided is made from wood, the other products provided are tissue paper and paper sleeves. If you have any customization ideas regarding the color,thickness or size we can certainly help, if you want to print your logo of any design that can be done too..There are five combos which include Single paper box, Cornstarch clamshell box, Bamboo clamshell box, Bagasse clamshell box and Areca bowl with lid.These combos hold those items according to your preference.

Full Meal Combos

Enjoy your full meal to your heart’s content. These meal packages now can be provided with eco-friendly and environment friendly packaging. The products are divided into 5 combos as Bagasse tray with lid combo, Cornstarch tray with lid combo, Bamboo tray with lid combo, PLA tray with lid combo, Paper box with container and bowl combo.The materials used are Bagasse, Cornstarch, Bamboo, Paper and PLA, you can pick any packaging of your favoured material. The volume of the container ranges from 250ml to1000ml, the thickness goes up to 400 GSM. You can customize the colour, size and thickness, you can also print any specific design or logo of your liking. The usage of these products depends all on you , whether you want to use it for lunch , breakfast , dinner or any meals, whether you want to keep hot or cold food, these packaging’s can hold any food type without any issues. It can also be used for storing in the refrigerator or to heat up food in the microwave. The other products provided are paper sleeves, tissue paper and cutlery, which is made from wood.. We have Full meal food packaging products which are cost-effective and do their job to the fullest.

Wedding and Party Set Combos

We now provide packaging for Weddings and parties. The products include Bagasse Party and Wedding set, Cornstarch Party and Wedding set, Areca Party and Wedding set, Leaf Party and Wedding set and Bamboo Party and Wedding set. The materials used for these sets are Bagasse, Cornstarch, Areca, Leaf and Bamboo, the cutlery provided is made from wood.The products provided in these sets are plates,glass,bowl and tissue paper. The thickness of the product goes up 400 GSM. The volume capacity for these containers ranges from 250ml to 1000ml. You can even print any design of your choice whether it's your company's logo or cafés, you can even customize the size, shape, thickness and even the color of the product. They can be used for any meal, lunch or snacks, it is refrigerator friendly and can be used to heat up the food in the microwave. These products are pocket friendly. They are divided into combos which have the above mentioned products distributed in it ,in such a manner that’ll help you in choosing your desired product according to your preference.

Bakery Product Combos

Want a cute packaging for your cakes, macaroons, pastries, cupcakes etc? Look no further, we just got the right packaging for you.The products include brown cake box combo, white cake box combo,color cake box combo , window brown box combo, window white box combo and window color box combo. The packaging products include paper box, cake base, paper bag, thanks sticker, knife, tissue paper, paper plates and spoon . The material used for the products is paper which is also MDF Paper Board and for the cutlery i.e knife and spoon , wood is used. The thickness of the product goes up to 400 GSM.The size of the product , the exact dimensions are L & W 8' 10' 12' , H 4 `` 5''. The weight of the paper box ranges from 0.5kg-2kg.The thickness, size, even the color can be customized according to your preference, you can even print your bakery’s or eateries logo of any design or size. The box and the paper bag have two types, plain and window for the box, plain and printed for the paper bag. You can use these products for any occasion ranging from birthdays, partys, anniversaries, any occasion. The materials used are 100% bio-products .If you have any idea regarding any product you can talk about it to us and we can surely help you with it.
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