Launchpad will give you the opportunity to quickly let the world know about your product and business without spending any amount or we can say no cost. We just need your idea and product sample and rest will be taken care of by us. We will create the bush about it and let the world know what it is and how it can help to simplify their business problems!


Greenhandle invites all those products which are unique in terms of market availability and can be the best product in the packaging industry in India or across the world.


The product needs to be unique by its Features, Usage, Safety points and can be the best fit into the market needs.

Alternate of Plastic

The product needs to fulfill the core value of greenhandle. The product needs to be the replacement of plastic or alternate of plastic packaging.

Kind of Products

The product needs to be specifically from the packaging industry and that can be used for commercial purposes.

Business 2 Business

The product needs to fulfill the need for business 2 business and can be the solution to one or many issues faced by the customer.


The product needs to be either of primary or secondary packaging for any product which is produced by the business and be used by the customer.


Edible Drinking Straws
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jute Grocery Bags
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Ready Meal Trays
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papal papal